With the Raysut Cement Company support Al Gawda Centre for Autism celebrating the Autism World day at Dhofar
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May 11, 2017

Under the supervision of D.G. of Social development at Dhofar Governorate, with RCC support, Al- Gawda Centre for Autism has organized its annual celebration of the Autism world day under the Auspice of Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al- Mushaikhi, The General Director of the health services-Dhofar Governorate with the presence of the Autism specialist at the Governorate and Qaboos hospital along with Autism Children parents at the Governorate.

The celebration started with the recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran followed by the speech given by Mr. Mohammed bin Salim Al-Barami, the Centre Manager. He said “We have the honor to celebrate with the world the world Autism day, which was named by the General Assembly of the United Nation in 2007”. The event of such a day aimed at activating the educational and Cultural role of the Community and at integrating the Autism children into the Community enhancing their self-confidence, educating them to be aware of the education and rehabilitation programs. A summary was presented about Al-Gawda Centre for Autism at Dhofar Governorate, which started in 2014 as specialized Centre in this field at the Governorate along with the provision of the best services for the Autism children and their rehabilitation and integration to the Community and with their mates at the different classes at Schools. They are educated to depend on themselves through the Centre specialists who are able to apply all specialized and educational programs.

We intend to make of it an international specialist Centre under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development.

The center mission focuses on the integration of the Autism children successfully to the community through effective medical programs globally. The center provides integrated services throughout the day including early intervention unit, communication sensory rooms unit and unit for Children training for some concepts and transformation of such concepts to concentrate information.

Subsequently Dr. Mary Adel Habib, A psychiatrist at Qaboos Hospital Salalah has given a talk under “Symptoms of Autism and treatment method” title. She explained what autism is and what are its symptoms and methods and ways to Control it, and how to deal with the Autism child. Following ashort film shows the autism reality and another film about Al-Gawda Centre for Autism along with some parts with the Centre students.

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