With RCC Support, Al-Wafa Centre at Dhofar honoring Down’s syndrome patients
Date Posted:
Apr 19, 2017


Al-Wafa handicapped children rehabilitation Centers at Dhofar governorate has organized an entertaining program at Sadah sport Complex celebrating the Down syndrome International Day supported by RCC as a part of Wafa program, under the Auspice of Mr. Mousa bin Ahmed Al-Mashali Director general of Sports Affairs at Dhofar governorate and with the presence of Abdullah bin Suleiman Al-Sabie Director General of Social development- Dhofar Governorate.

            The entertaining program for Wafa Centre students included Sport Activities such as flying feather, table tennis, Barrier jumping, basketball and other various parts. Finally, awards and prizes were given to the participants.

            Mohammed Abdul Ghader Al-Yafai, Chief of Wafa Centre at Marbat said “We again meet in unforgettable day” on the exceptional event finished with achievement and returns back with hope and another new achievement at the end of every year. We all together, with this distinguished day, we share the world its methodological concepts which support an important category of Omani Community young citizens. We honor them and celebrate their renewable day “The International day of Down Syndrome”. He added that, “All concerned authorities seek to deal with these cases in a scientific manner to realize the gradual development in Intellectual and Moral Comprehension” as a first step and to hasten the co-existence and the Integrity of such cases in the society as a second step.

            We should have to mention the great efforts of the Ministry of Social development made to provide Al-Wafa handicapped rehabilitation Social Centre’s with qualified technical staff, transmit regional and international experiences and provide medical facilities and necessary care either in the Centers or at homes according to the nature of cases. In which regarding Social education, the Centers spares no effort to integrate these cases with the Society, however the family and Society all together as Individuals and Institutions are responsible. This tripartite group should make great efforts to develop and care about Down syndrome category and to overcome their problems, difficulties and Challenges.

            Al-Yafai indicated the contribution of the sports activity in enhancing both the intellectual and Physical treatment of Down syndrome as per the result of the recent studies.







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