RCC Implementing the School bags project for the poor families .
Date Posted:
Sep 18, 2017


RCC has recently implementing the school bag project for the new academic year (201​7-201​8) whereas the male and female students have been provided with the school bag containing all the needs, targeted the poor and limited income families students of grades from (1-12) with the co-operation with charity associations and volunteer institutions as well as a number of some schools in Salalah.

It’s to be mentioned that 1000 bags with the school tools (notebooks, engineering tools and others) have been distributed to students, in order to help those poor families.

This project is a part of external communication program projects of RCC for the year 2016 and as a commitment of the company towards the community whereas the social responsibility is considered as one of the bases on which the company stands to serve the community and to realize the sustainable development through the implementation of the projects, the programs and the different social initiatives such as Eid clothing ( Kiswat Al Eid), Iftar Saem and other social programs and events.





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