Raysut Cement Company Implementing Ramadan Basket
Date Posted:
Jun 15, 2017


Believing in its Social and Human role, RCC in the collaboration with Omani charity Authority has implemented the Ramadan Basket project, where coupons have been offered to Widows and Orphans for more than 200 beneficiary families in co-ordination with the concerned Authority.

This project is a part of the Continuous efforts made by RCC to enhance its role as a Social Omani institution, whereas the company works to support the various community categories through the different initiatives aiming to develop the community. The company also works to enhance the principle of volunteer works among the Company employees in particular and the community members in General.

Breakfast of a Faster is considered as one of the Social solidarity forms. It’s a part of the Company interests to support the human programs and Charity projects in addition to abide by the Social responsibility and Community service in order to mitigate the living burden of the due families during holy month of Ramadan.





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