For the fourth year successively as a part of Salalah tourist Festival activities and events, RCC renews its partnership with Oman equestrian Federation.
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Aug 29, 2017


For the fourth year successively, RCC resumes its partnership with Oman equestrian Federation through the sponsorship of the equestrian activities and event at Salalah tourist festival, whereas the equestrian activities and events for the year 2017 have been presented in a new style and remarkable improvement and promotion copying with the advance level reached by the equestrian sports at the Sultanate.

            The equestrian activities this year includes a number of Championship and competitions consisting of the qualifying championship for the World cup final of Peg picking 2018 with the participation of five countries including Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan and Britain.

            The World cup final championship for Peg picking has been launched in its first group on the second day under the Auspice of Shaikh Ahmed bin Youssef Alawi Abdullah Al-Ibrahim Chairman of the RCC board of directors in the presence of Yemen ambassador to the Sultanate Dr. Khalid bin Saleh Shateef, Syd Mondhir bin Saif bin Hamad Al-Boosaidi, Chairman of the Oman equestrian Federation Board of directors, Mohammed bin Issa Al-Fairooz, Chairman of the World Federation for Peg picking and a number of Shaikhs and some concerned of the equestrian sports.

            The competition includes two tours, the first one was the sword single tour through three halves, and two halves consisted of Peg of 6 cm and one half include a Peq of 4 cm.

            At the end of the Second day competition Shaikh Ahmed bin Youssef Al-Alawi bin Abdullah Al-Ibrahim Chairman of RCC board of Directors honored the Champions of the second day then Syd Mondhir bin Saif bin Hamad Al –Boosaidi Chairman of Oman equestrian Federation has awarded a memorial present to the event sponsor.

            Shaikh Ahmed bin Youssef bin Alawi Al Ibrahim said “I would like to thank the Oman equestrian Federation for its honorable invitation to sponsors the second day competitions of the world cup finals for the Peq picking and Congratulate all teams winner for the first position of today competition”. We really watched strong competition between the participants’ teams which reflected a good impression regarding the importance of such a sport through the interest of the participant countries and the wish of their teams to participate in the competition as well as the great passion of such a sport shown by the great presence of the audience. He added “This sport is of great importance and we are very keen to support it every year and we hope to witness more improvement and promotion in such a sport through the participation team and the international classification of such a sport. We hope that the equestrian schools can educate young people on equestrian sports and we assure you that we are always ready to support it, so as to widely spread over Dhofar governorate”.





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